Weekly Winners

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Week 17 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place HKL 116
2nd Place FHL 113
3rd Place HKT 110
4th Place ELT 109
5th Place EHL 108
6th Place FHT 107
7th-8th Place (TIE) ILT, BKL 106
Lowest Scores    
1st Place D46 22
2nd Place S46 25
3rd-4th Place (TIE) D45, JX6 26
5th-6th Place (TIE) DS4, N46, SX4, SX6, S45, S56 29
Week 16 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place VWY 118
2nd Place BJV 117
3rd-4th Place (TIE) MUV, MVZ 116
5th-6th Place (TIE) KMV, EMV 114
7th-8th Place (TIE) HJM, IJY, IMW, UVW, UVY, VWZ, VW5, UYZ, BJW, BJY 113
Lowest Scores    
1st Place NT4 23
2nd Place NO4 25
3rd Place NRT 30
4th Place OT4 32
5th Place NPT 33
6th Place (TIE) NQ4, NX4 34
Week 15 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place KMX 122
2nd-3rd Place (TIE) KMZ, MRZ 116
4th-6th Place (TIE) HKM, HMR, MUX 115
7th-8th Place (TIE) IKM, IMR, MUY, MUZ 109
Lowest Scores   Points
1st Place AVW 12
2nd Place VW2 15
3rd Place ABW 21
4th-6th Place (TIE) APV, OVW, PVW, VW5, W25 22
Week 14 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place AJ4 107
2nd Place BJ4 101
3rd-4th Place (TIE) JO4, DJ4 100
5th-6th Place (TIE) D24, D24 98
7th-8th Place (TIE) AT4, D45 97
Lowest Scores    
1st-3rd Place (TIE) IKN, IKP, IKU 27
4th Place IKX 28
5th-6th Place (TIE) IK3, INU, KN3 30
Week 13 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place AF6 119
2nd Place FG6 112
3rd-4th Place (TIE) AO6, OQ6 111
5th Place FI6 109
6th-8th Place (TIE) KQ6, NQ6, AFV, AGQ, EF6 108
Lowest Scores    
1st Place HPU 22
2nd-3rd Place (TIE) HP5, PU5 23
4th-6th Place (TIE) CDU, HM5, HUX, HUY, LU5, CDH, CDU 26
Week 12 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place INS 117
2nd Place-3rd Place (TIE) HNS, IMN 114
4th Place MNX 111
5th-6th Place (TIE) INT, MNW 110
7th-8th Place (TIE) HJN, JNX, NO6, NRT, NT6 108
Lowest Scores    
1st Place BK1 25
2nd Place BP1 26
3rd-4th Place (TIE) BKL, BKY 31
5th-6th Place (TIE) BKP, BKV, BPY 32
Week 11 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place GUX 99
2nd-5th Place (TIE) GI2, GTX, GT2, G24 96
6th-8th Place (TIE) GH2, GHX, GH2 95
Lowest Scores    
1st Place AFZ 28
2nd Place AOZ 30
3rd Place FKZ 31
4th Place ADK 32
5th-6th Place (TIE) KZ3, ACK 34
Week 10 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st-3rd Place (TIE) CDY, CY3, CDY 113
4th Place CDI 112
5th-8th Place (TIE) CDT, CVY, CDH, CDN, CDT 108
Lowest Scores    
1st Place JPU 22
2nd Place FJP 23
3rd Place FJU 26
4th Place JPW 28
5th Place PUW 30
6th Place FJW 32
Week 9 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st-2nd Place (TIE) D15, S15 127
3rd-4th Place (TIE) DS1, DS1 125
5th Place G15 121
6th Place Y15 116
7th-8th Place (TIE) D14, D45, PS1, PS5, S14, S45, DP1, DP5, D14 115
Lowest Scores    
1st Place IK6 36
2nd Place E26 37
3rd Place IK2 39
4th-6th Place (TIE) HI6, IKW, IN6, EIK 40
Week 8 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place FIU 109
2nd Place FJU 107
3rd-5th Place FHU, ESU, FHU 105
6th-8th Place ISU, DFU, EPU 104
Lowest Scores    
1st Place ABT 33
2nd Place BT5 34
3rd Place BT1 36
4th-6th Place AT5, BTZ, BT6 37
Week 7 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place CY1 103
2nd-4th Place (TIE) CZ1, NY1, AC1 102
5th-6th Place (TIE) MZ1, NZ1 101
7th-8th Place (TIE) OY1, CLY, EY1 99
Lowest Scores    
1st-2nd Place (TIE) PTU, TU3 22
3rd-6th Place (TIE) PT3, PU3, RT3, RU3 26
Week 6 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place AUV 121
2nd Place UVX 118
3rd-4th Place (TIE) OUX, UX1 114
5th-6th Place (TIE) ALU, ASU 113
7th Place AMU 112
8th Place (TIE) UV1, OUV, UX5 111
Lowest Scores    
1st Place NRT 29
2nd Place KNR 30
3rd-5th Place (TIE) RTW, RW4, BRW 32
6th Place (TIE) NPR, RW2, RW3 33
Week 5 Winners:   Points
Highest Scores    
1st Place BJW 101
2nd-3rd Place (TIE) JO3, BJU 99
4th-6th Place (TIE) OUW, BJX, BJ3 98
7th-8th Place (TIE) BUW, JW2, BJ2, BTW, BUW 97
Lowest Scores-    
1st-3rd Place (TIE) DFK, DEK, DKZ 36
4th-6th Place (TIE) FK5, EIK, FIK, FKZ, FK5 37
Week 4 Winners:   Points
Highest Scores-    
1st Place QT6 126
2nd-4th Place (TIE) EQT, QTU, EQT 125
5th Place QTZ 122
6th Place QT2 121
7th Place QST 118
8th Place (TIE) EQ6, KQ6 117
Lowest Scores-    
1st Place IMP 14
2nd Place IP4 21
3rd-4th Place (TIE) PVW, BIP 23
5th-6th Place (TIE) HIP, IOP 24
Week 3 Winners:   Points
Highest Scores-    
1st-2nd Place (TIE) IKZ, IZ2 116
3rd Place OZ2 115
4th-5th Place (TIE) DKZ, DZ2 113
6th Place NOZ 112
7th Place Z12 111
8th Place AOZ 110
Lowest Scores-    
1st Place BJV 6
2nd-3rd Place (TIE) BV6, BJ6 13
4th-6th Place (TIE) BRV, BJW, BPV, BTV 20
Week 2 Winners:   Points
Highest Scores-    
1st Place HTW 124
2nd Place TWY 123
3rd Place TWX 120
4th-6th Place TW1, TW5, WXY 117
7th-8th Place HTY, TWZ 115
Lowest Scores-    
1st Place GLS 26
2nd Place DNS 27
3rd Place KNS 28
4th Place AGS 29
5th Place QS3 30
6th Place MS3, DQS 31
Week 1 Winners:   Points
Highest Scores-    
1st Place CKZ 108 
2nd Place GLZ 105 
3rd Place GKR 103
4th Place SWZ


5th-6th Place (Tie) GZ3, CKW 101
7th-8th Place (Tie) GLS, BKZ 100
Lowest Scores-    
1st Place IJ2 20 
2nd Place IJ5 23
3rd Place IJY 25
4th-6th Place (Tie) D25, JP2, D25 27

NOTE: Congrats to this week's winners!  All winnings will be sent out through the mail unless you marked to have your winnings donated back to the athletic department or a specific program.  Good luck next week!

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