Weekly Winners

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Week 2 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place VX5 123
2nd Place OUV 109
3rd Place CGV 108
4th Place GX5 107
5th Place (TIE) CFV/UV4 106
Lowest Scores    
1st/2nd Place (TIE) W13/123 19
3rd Place J12 21
Week 1 Winners:    
Highest Scores   Points
1st Place FGJ 105
2nd Place CGS 103
3rd Place ADJ 99
4th Place HMS 98
5th Place (TIE) IJN, RS3 95
Lowest Scores    
1st Place TX6 10
2nd Place LTY 15
3rd Place XY6 16

NOTE: Congrats to this week's winners!  All winnings will be sent out through the mail unless you marked to have your winnings donated back to the athletic department or a specific program.  Good luck next week!

Sep. 22
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